Refund Policy For Businesses

All paid membership subscriptions or payments for services, for example, standard plan subscriptions, events etc. will be subject to no refund from the date of renewal or purchase.

Marketing Pro Plan and Standard Plan membership period start at the date of purchase and full period charges will apply for the whole contract at your chosen contract type for the annual or monthly subscription.

Any plan membership subscriptions will run monthly from the date that a subscription is completed on the account settings page until cancelled, regardless of whether the fees have been paid upfront in full or they are paid via monthly Direct Debit.

Where fees for membership plan subscriptions have been fully paid upfront for an annual subscription with discounted rates you will not be eligible for any refunds for the whole annual fee charged. Your business membership will remain current, and you will have access to your member benefits for the full subscription unless your subscription is confirmed as being withdrawn or cancelled by Tonzo compliance department.

Additionally, where membership subscriptions are paid via monthly Direct Debit, your membership, and access to your member benefits will be current until the date your paid subscription period ends, once a Direct Debit instruction has been cancelled by the business subscriber, the bank, or Tonzo.

This refund policy should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the product or service that you are purchasing.

Tonzo’s policies are subject to review and can be amended at any time. You must regularly review these documents.