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Can I remove my business profile from Tonzo?

Tonzo is an official business directory active in United States, United Kingdom & Europe. All information associated for listed businesses displayed for consumers to share their experience about services and products received by business..

Can I open a legal case against Tonzo for a bad review?

Consumer speech is protected under the law, even when it is a negative comment relating to services or products provided by your business..

What is the process to report contents violating the Terms of Use on Tonzo?

Any content Tonzo member-posted were found to be violating out Content Guideline will be removed from the site by admin team..

How to report a reviewer demanding unacceptable form of exchange to remove an adverse review?

Please report the user to Tonzo if you have been receiving communication regarding requesting goods, services, money..

How to report trademark infringement violation of my brand?

Tonzo is aware sometimes businesses share similar or even the same names with different logos in various locations, this is why you may see many businesses..

What is the process at Tonzo for false negative reviews to be removed?

Businesses may use their membership tools to challenge or request the removal of reviews where they believe it is unfair..

How can I request an inactive business to be updated on Tonzo?

We do update inactive or ceased trading businesses on the listings when reported for public and customers to be informed..

How can I add an image for my business?

In order to add an image, as first step get registered on Tonzo, add or claim your business and in the update details tab select add photo..

How can I cancel my paid membership plan?

If you have been benefitting from the paid plans of Tonzo and would like to cancel your membership for the plan you have selected..

How can I upgrade my membership plan on Tonzo?

You may select the membership plan suitable for your business at the time of registration and also you may request to upgrade your membership by logging into..

How does Tonzo collect data?

We get business information registrations from our users, who often add businesses not listed on Tonzo or correct the information we have on the platform..

Does Tonzo allow listing highly regulated industry businesses?

Tonzo recognizes that some businesses are in highly regulated industries that restrict the way businesses can have on advertisements and promotions of services..

How can I create a listing in my e-commerce store of my business on Tonzo?

Creating listing on Tonzo is very simple, there are four steps to create and submit a listing in the Tonzo Business Manager Account..