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Does Tonzo allow listing highly regulated industry businesses?

Tonzo recognizes that some businesses are in highly regulated industries that restrict the way businesses can have on advertisements and promotions of services. These regulations apply to the businesses in highly regulated industries but not to consumers, in the light of this information we confirm that highly regulated industry businesses will be listed on Tonzo and members will be able to search for further information about their services.

Generally, regulated business owners can have interaction with Tonzo members similar to any other business, this interaction is not limited to sending private messages, responding to reviews or posting public responses on the Tonzo platform, as long as the information posted do not carry private information related to a member user.

Some businesses will have specific questions in relation to advertising on Tonzo, if there is any doubt by the business, we advise them to contact their local business centres for the regulated industry group to have in-depth information or you may contact us at [email protected]