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What is the process to report contents violating the Terms of Use on Tonzo?

Any content Tonzo member-posted were found to be violating out Content Guideline will be removed from the site by admin team.

If you consider a content is violating our guidelines, please report it by filling the form “Contact Us” at the following page

Our compliance team will investigate the reported content violation against our Content Guidelines, Content found inappropriate will be removed and posted user will be notified. If you have reported a violation and have further questions about the response received from our team, please email us at [email protected]

Tonzo has an AI algorithm that automatically review and determine the level of relevance for the particular searches conducted by the user on our platform, if a review does not contain liable level of relevance, it is not effective on recommendations for businesses.

As a business owner member of Tonzo, you can access to your business management page and by using the tools you can Challenge a Review in some of our membership packages, other functions are responding to reviews publicly and if a direct message is initiated by the reviewer to the business then an answer may be sent to the reviewer by the business similar to the practice of business’s own complaints procedure regardless of channels of communication to the consumer.