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What is the process at Tonzo for false negative reviews to be removed?

Businesses may use their membership tools to challenge or request the removal of reviews where they believe it is unfair, incorrect, fraudulent, or malicious. Our advisor will request proof of experience in relation to the service or product exchanged between the customer and the business to verify the process within 14 days when it is challenged by the business. During the case of verification, the subject review is not included in the Tonzo Score of the business. Please note that the review challenge tool is only available in paid plan business membership packages of Tonzo.

Please note that users have different ways to express their opinions and most of the times a negative review may be ineffective when most customers have positive reviews for your products and services.

Not every negative review may contain defamatory content, please be aware that a business cannot just ask a review to be removed in the case the review is disliked by the business.